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Hi. I'm Ken Robinson and I'm a photographer and professional communicator based outside Boston. And while I love to photograph pretty much anything, my main focus is people and sports.


My background

I grew up in England and began my career working for The Sunday Times Newspaper in London. Prior to that I studied Graphic Design and Art History at Canterbury College of Art, and it was there during countless hours spent in the photography studio, that my unconditional love of photography took over. To this day, I continually see things that I am compelled to capture and it's like a bug that won't go away! Capturing special moments from sports, taking portraits, and covering private events like weddings is my way of capturing the memories that matter the most to way of giving back if you will.


What is my favorite thing about photography?

Unquestionably the story behind a photograph. I have been able to meet and work for so many amazing people, from prisoner of war veterans, U.S. Cancer Research thought leaders and Super Bowl champions. For me, there's nothing more satisfying than capturing moments in time that people want to treasure.


If you need a photographer

I pride myself in being extremely reliable and easy to work with. I cover the Metrowest area and travel further afield depending on the event or assignment e.g., NY, NJ, CT and ME.

Thanks for taking the time to read about me.

Ken (also known as kbrphoto!)

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